About Me

I've loved building things for as long as I can remember, that's the main reason I became a civil engineer. I find passion in learning new things and I'm always looking for new challenges.

I took my first programming course back in college and I fell inlove with it. I started learning by myself and never stopped. Thanks to that, I've been working as a software engineer for a few years now, using different languages like JavaScript, PHP and Python.

I'm currently working as a full stack developer involved in different projects for both web and mobile platforms.

When I' not coding, I love playing video games, watching movies or series, learning other things that peak my interest, and, spending time with my family.

About this Site

Working on my personal website is a way for me to learn, explore and improve my skills. One of my biggest mistaks early on was trying to overengineer my website. I was using a lot of libraries and frameworks, and I was trying to use the latest and greatest of everything, with crazy, overcomplicated designs and animations. I was trying to do too much, and I was doing it wrong.

The more I work on my style, the more I enjoy working on minimalistic, yet good looking designs. I'm always looking for new ideas and inspirations, to improve my website. With that in mind, is not surprise that I find a lot of inspiration in Leerob's minimalistic style.

One of my challenges when re-building this website was to keep it as simple as I could and use as few libraries/third-party packages as possible.

The first step was to select a stack. Over the years, I've tested several frameworks like Next.js, Gatsby, and more recently Astro. And, although I've found things I like and don't like on all of these frameworks I finally decided to go with the one I liked the most and felt was better suited for this task: Astro.

And yes, I know, even a framework like Astro can be considered overkill to build a website like this that can be easily created with simple HTML and CSS. But, I'm one of those wo think you should use whatever you prefer and know as long as it can get the job done. So, for that, I thnk I'm going to give myself a pass on this selection 😅.

I'm also a huge fan of Tailwind CSS (yes, I'm part of the Tailwind cult), and, I use it every time I can.

Even though I'm not using a UI framework like React, I still wanted to add a bit of interactivity to the website. For that, I decided to take advantage of Astro's new feature Page Partials with HTMX.

Finally, as a way of adding a bit of everything, I wanted to store the views count of my posts in a database. For that, I decided to use Xata , and, so far, it has been a great DX. Previously I was using Prisma as my ORM with Planetscale but I decided to try something different.